Sunday, January 27, 2008

Signature Cocktail

It turns out that you can spend a good deal of money on alcohol when planning a wedding; and not just the stuff you need to get you through the day. Open bars can be expensive gambits, particularly if you fear being fleeced by the caterer (and I've watched enough Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? to be afraid of being fleeced by [insert name of wedding professional here]). Wedding planning books give little help in this regard. Under no circumstances am I giving my guests drink tickets with their invitations (well, maybe the ones we don't want to show up...)

So one of our ideas was to have, to cut down on waste, signature cocktails that our guests could choose over beer or wine. And we are batting around the idea of some decidedly southern drinks like a mint julep or a slow comfortable screw up against a wall. Of course, we can't call it a slow comfortable screw up against a wall, for fear of shocking the more genteel of our guests. We'll gussy it up with a name like, "peach blossom" or some other fruity name that will appeal to the girl-drink drunk in all of us.

And there is something inherently classy in the notion of passed mint juleps on the veranda of a charming southern farmhouse....

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