Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Favorite Email So Far

Now, it's obvious that I'm as easily delighted as I am annoyed. And you know that my stimuli are different than other people's stimuli.

I hope our caterer won't mind my posting this note she sent to our farmer/friend, and cc'd us:

I just got off the phone with one of our chefs (the pork guru). And, he said that for 105 people we would need two 60-pound hogs. Does this sound alright to you? We would want it delivered to our shop on Wednesday October 8th, sometime that morning. He said if you could cut it up in primals, that would be ideal (said you would know what that meant).
Truly one of the most exciting things I've read this year!


Anonymous said...

You are a great writer and I love your unabashed pork preference. Amen! Finally, have your ears been burning?


Emerson Beyer said...

Do you suppose the "grooms who love pork" demographic is too small for an online community of its own?