Monday, February 4, 2008

I Love an Itinerary

On Saturday, Gunndi, the aggressively affectionate puppy, and I went for a short hike on the Eno River. I thought it might be a nice activity for the wedding weekend, and it got me thinking about organizing activities for our out-of-town guests--which is to say, the majority of our guests. Since it's a long weekend, we might even have a little extra time. Then again, we're trying to save money the DIY way, so the only activities may involve flower arranging and gift-bag preparation.

I had some other ideas, including a golf outing, seeing as how the Piedmont is the golf center of the universe. On "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway" the grooms always are late for their weddings because they're out golfing. Neither Michael nor I will be golfing. And since we'll probably be driving to the farm together early in the morning with a trunk full of flowers and gift bags, I doubt that either of us will be late.

Maybe we could combine our fun-making with good-doing, in the form of a charity run. There is also a "Tobacco Heritage Walk" on that Saturday morning in downtown Durham.

My inclination as always will be to try to squeeze too much in. Gunndi and I had this past weekend fully scheduled in half-hour increments. Help me help you have fun instead of feeling rushed!


Nadine said...

We are also thinking of itineraries and welcome bags for out of town guests. Details, details! There are just many of them. I look forward to reading what you come up with.

Emerson Beyer said...

We have some fun ideas for our gift bags, but not sure yet if we want to give away the surprise! We are also not sure how much handiwork we want to put into it. People keep saying, "You don't want to worry about all that DIY stuff right before you wedding," but I can't yet figure out what I'm supposed to be worried about.