Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And a Brief Pat on One's Own Back

After posting in detail about how woefully behind-schedule we are, I should note that we have accomplished some very important steps:

1. Hired a caterer who still has us very excited, especially when we snack on her hush puppies late at night.

2. Rented a goat farm, the location of our dreams, an amazing business run by cool people who have made us feel more welcome than we ever expected.

3. Hired a photographer whose work is stunningly beautiful, and who has been a very good working partner so far.

4. Booked lodging for ourselves and arranged lodging for many guests, in spite of the totally bad customer service around here.

5. Invited three dear friends to read scripture passages in the ceremony, and been lucky enough to have all three accept the invitation.

Even if we accomplish little more in the next 165 days, we have done enough to ensure a pretty good wedding.


Michael Bruno said...

165 days is less than 6 months. That has me freaking out!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

hmmm, we are 35 days off our wedding and we still haven't asked my aunt if she'll read during the ceremony. Probably should get moving with that....