Thursday, May 8, 2008

Puppy Party!

If you asked me just a few months ago - before Gunndi came into our lives - if I thought it was a good idea to have a dog in a bow take part in our wedding, my answer would have been an unqualified No.

Oh, how things change.

In the past several weeks, sympathy has turned to warmth, and warmth has turned to love. That filthy, hyperactive, greedy creature has nuzzled her way into my heart. It's not a matter of wanting her to be a flower girl - it's simply that I would miss her so much if she weren't around on our wedding day.

Now that we are doggie daddies (or puppy papas?), a surprising number of people assume that Gunndi will be there with a big bow around her neck. And, she loves the farm; she loves the dogs who live there (adorable Bubba, Ike, and Sissy). She's good in crowds of people, especially if they pet her.

Michael is still opposed to her attendance. I can see his point. She has little self control. God knows she'd try to eat the whole buffet, and a wrong move by any squirrel could ruin the ceremony. She'd be a terrible ring bearer, with her lack of focus and love of running. But she's so darn cute! What would you do?


N said...

We have to adorable, but crazed dogs who will not be at our wedding. I love them, but I don't want paw prints on my over priced dress. Not to mention that Henry (the younger one) will be freaked out by the crowd and Abby (the older one) will be whoring herself out to anyone who will look at her. Too much to manage. We might do some photos with them before the wedding, but then again, maybe not :p

Andrew Gray said...

Oh my God! Gunndi is so cute! When did you get her? How? When did you decide to get a dog? What kind of dog is she? How is it that she's met the dogs at the farm?

As for the dilemma - just keep some roast beef in your tux pocket during the wedding. When it's time for Gunndi to bring the ring forward, signal whomever's holding her leash to let go and stuff the roast beef down the officiant's shirt. Your rings will be brought down the aisle lickity-split! ; )

Andrew Gray said...

Oh, also - where does her name come from?

Emerson Beyer said...
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Emerson Beyer said...

What a colorful suggestion, Andrew! I'll pitch it to Michael.

Gunndi is short for Gunnhild, a prominent figure of Norse sagas known as Mother of Kings, because many of her children ruled Norway in the 10th century.

Why a Norwegian name? Because she is half Norwegian elkhound and half huskie. The Norwegian side seemed more unusual and colorful. And, we wanted to name her for a powerful woman because she looks pretty tough.

shvinsk said...

I have to side with Michael on this one. While we may love our pets, really, bringing them along to the wedding and adding the stress of having to mind your dog the whole time seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Bring her! Dog photos are the best wedding photos of all. Who cares if she gets a little 'doggy' if there are good dog photos!

The Monsters in Law have a new dog and he's none too well trained, but he's going to look so damn cute with a bow that I don't care if he eats any of our guests, or barks during the ceremony. As long as he doesn't pee on my dress, it'll be fine!