Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Journey to the Mountaintop

In 12 hours I leave for my no-doubt unmatchable bachelor weekend. (I neglected to include the committee in my Groomtourage post! Oops!) The high point (har har) of the weekend will be climbing 4,000 feet of Mount Moosilauke on Friday with some of my best friends.

Most of this trip will involve drinking whiskey and playing poker in a primitive cabin in the White Mountains. However, a couple of other incongruous highlights include catching a "reality chamber opera" called Tim Gunn's Podcast as well as a minor league ball game between the NH Fisher Cats and the Harrisburg Senators. A gay groom's bachelor party has to be a crazy pastiche, right?

As excited as I am about all that, there is one other planned activity that is really making my heart race.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be taking our two rings - which have hardly left our hands for two years - to be cut up, melted down, welded, sawed, shaved - whatever it is that the rocking jewelers at Little King want to do. And from two well worn, deeply loved rings we'll have two brand new deeply lovable wedding rings.

I have the inscription for Michael's ring on a post-it note in my wallet right now, I hope it's the right one!

(n.b. Ignore the date stamp on that photo - the picture is actually from Christmas 2006.)

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Anonymous said...

Fisher Cats Suck! Altoona Curve 4ever!