Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Postage Required if Mailed in the United States

I started to worry about seating charts. As in many things, I wanted to get a head start on what I know from experience can be a complicated and tedious task.

So, we developed a system. Using color-coded Post-It notes, we began arranging guests at 13 tables. It was fun at first. Give me a yellow! (Confirmed attendee.) Give me a blue! (Expected, but not confirmed). We need two purples over here! (Seat fillers, like at the Oscars.)

Unfortunately, fun turned to frustrating quickly. Do you want to know why - and how you can help?

Because we are waiting for 98 RSVPs! I know, I know - you have 9 days still to reply. But why wait?! Give us a hand people, send them in - especially if we don't know if we are holding 0, 2, 4 or 6 seats for you!

So, we tried and tried to figure out a seating chart and all the possible permutations of classmates, distant relatives and political confederates. As you can see from the visual evidence on the right, we eventually hit a wall and - shamefully! - resorted to drowning our sorrows in fruity cocktails.

Keep us out of rehab! Send your postage-paid RSVP cards today!

(n.b., These fruity cocktails are not a preview of what will be served at our wedding reception.)


jennifer said...

Whew, I thought it was just us! We still have 98 rsvps out as well. Come on people..get with it!

Unknown said...

Aaarrrgh! I feel you here. As of yesterday we still had 101 guest unaccounted for, and only 4 days to RSVP!! Don't they know that I have final counts to give and seating charts to arrange? Isn't easing my to do list on the top of everyone's priority list?!