Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Real Meaning of Nonplussed

We are now projecting attendance in the 80-88 range. Down from 105 last week (and as many as 115 earlier this summer). I guess this is the double-edged sword of a "destination" wedding. It's plenty of people to have a good time - but still feels a little disappointing.

The upside is, I am no longer the least bit stressed about the budget. The downside is, I'm worried that the scale of some of our choices (especially the tent) is too big for this party now.


jennifer said...

Us too. Looks like we may top out at 115. So did I really need to order as much stuff as I did? Are things going to feel over-the-top?

Words and Steel said...

Last night, I just looked over the projected attendance based on our current RSVP rate and it's looking that way for us too. All this time I've been wanting a smaller wedding but now that it looks to be at 75-80, I'm wondering what we could have done differently. Invited more people? gotten a smaller venue? had a spring wedding? oh well.

PTCC parent to J said...

Emerson, I think you've forgotten how large I am these days. One look, and you will be GLAD you ordered that tent! (Looking forward to seeing you soon, BTW)