Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cost Cutting and More Cutting

I picked up our programs and menus this morning. They look lovely. Remember when I asked why offset printers could charge such radically different prices for the same job? Well, I found out.

We went with the cheapest printer. We supplied our own stock - unbleached, recycled paper. They wrecked it. I don't know how, but they wrecked it. They couldn't explain why or how, but I doubt they are secretly hoarding my paper, so I believe they wrecked it.

They replaced it with their own virgin paper. So, not only are our programs not printed on (expensive) unbleached, recycled paper - we used twice as much paper as actually necessary. We are definitely not getting that LEED Platinum certificate now.

Hey, thanks trees! Nice knowin' ya!

I'm gonna go set some carbon credits on fire . . .

Manifest Destiny by Alexis Rockman, Brooklyn Museum of Art

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Rockstarbride said...

boo .. incompetent printer people. I hope you got something in return for their lack of printing skills.