Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It was just like any other day.

All week I keep hearing about things I'd love to do this weekend if I weren't busy, you know, getting married. There's a big game at UNC, not to mention good Big 10 match-ups on television all afternoon. Several appealing movies are opening, and the NC Museum of Art is showing a classic Claude Sautet film. The Kickin' Grass Band is playing at Cat's Cradle - we've been to no live shows since we moved down here, and this is one that would inspire me to get out of the house. Also on Saturday night is Campout Carolina, a night of electricity-free solidarity in support of a healthier environment.

And as much as I prefer fresh air to electricity, you better believe I am sleeping indoors all weekend.


Jennifer said...

Tucson is kickin' this weekend too. Our favorite food fesitval is taking place a block away from our venue (Photos!) and there is a concert series and galelry openings too. I looked at the paper this morning and for a brief moment thought "aww man".

Luis said...

So great to find other gay bloggers to put on my list of reading! It's not like I'm getting any work done lately anyway.