Sunday, October 12, 2008

Holy Sh#t, We're Married!

I know that I should probably be doing something else other than blogging on the morning after my wedding but for some reason I am compelled to do so. So here we are.

We'll have a full wrap-up soon but I wanted to get a few thoughts down this morning.

The first thought is: holy shit, we're married! My second thought is, to quote the great Stephen Colbert: "Great wedding? Or greatest wedding?" My third thought is: Yuliya would be so disappointed.

I should probably leave it at that for now, but I will say one thing. My second favorite moment was when the horse galloped in triumphantly during the interlude and my favorite moment was when the burro came braying and kicking right after him. That's right. A burro.


Deirdre said...

What a fantastic wedding! So much fun. We were honored to have been there to witness. Congratulations!

Silvia said...


Sweet T said...

congratulations! i know i'm being selfish but i want more!!!

Rockstarbride said...

ah hahahah!! Can't wait to hear more!

Corazon de Oro said...

I was worried I was being the disrespectful horseperson when I was watching that. Then I looked over in case there was indication you were upset with me, and you were smiling and watching, too. :)

Fantastic wedding!