Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Food, Flowers, Farming, and Fabric

So, I undertook the spectacular waste of time known as "inspiration boarding." I think this activity was invented by bridal magazines as a way to be more internetty.

I'm not going to lie and say it wasn't pretty fun.

I think this activity is probably useful if you are hiring a coordinator, or even to share with your caterer. It's a snapshot of how you want the day to look and feel--except instead of you and your fiancé in the pictures there are catalog models. Maybe it can help you make consistent decisions if you are risk of veering off course into fluorescent colors or a "theme" (eek!)

I'm not sure the mosaic I made reveals anything about me or our wedding that you didn't already know. It's going to be rustic, and we're going to eat well. Have a look after the break and tell me if this silliness is a window into my psyche:

Click on the mosaic to see the pictures in big, lavish detail!


N said...

ooh pretty! i love the flowers (4th photo down in the first column).

shvinsk said...

Yes. yes that is the perfect collage of your wedding. Brilliant.