Friday, March 28, 2008

A Butcher, a Baker . . .

Several important developments this week have driven us even farther down the artisanal-sustainable-local path than we expected to go with this wedding.

You already know that our invitations will be designed and printed by two of our most creative friends, Anders and David. My mom has volunteered to arrange the centerpieces, a task for which she has demonstrated her considerable talents--and we hope to strike a deal with an organic farm in Pittsboro to supply the flowers.

But here's the new news: homemade cupcakes and heirloom pork!

Our fabulous, beautiful friend Amy is not only distinguished by her generosity as a cat-sitter and her infectious Kiwi pride, but she is also a distinguished graduate of the pastry program of the French Culinary Institute.

Now, I can bake. Lord knows I can bake. But I cannot make it pretty until it gets in your mouth and you forget what it looked like in the first place. I had considered making the cupcakes despite the warnings from every side (I am foolhardy), but I wondered if I could live with them being less than beautifully finished.

Enter Amy, who has enthusiastically agreed to help with the baking and the decorating. Not only that, but has offered to practice her buttercream dahlias in the intervening months so that our dessert will not be the least bit amateur but quite extraordinary. Proof of her skill is in the photo:

Having Amy's advice and counsel throughout the planning and baking process will be undoubtedly invaluable. Thank you, Amy!

As for the meat, we have been buying delectable turkeys, chickens, and ducks from a tiny farm run by a lovely family in Orange County, and they recently announced that they have formed a cooperative venture with their (rather amazing) neighbors to produce pork as well.

Today we got a delivery of chicken from Fern Hill, and I casually mentioned that we would love to find a local pig to serve at our wedding reception, and Nancy was totally on board with the idea! In fact, she suggested they could raise a pig specifically for the occasion, and that there is enough advance notice to grow it to the ideal size for our dinner. Out of respect for the most urban among you, I'm not going to say what the Tamworth heritage pigs are fed, but it is a thousand times healthier than industrial feed and literally comes from the neighborhood.

Of course, this means that will be barbecuing it, not pan-searing rib chops with fancy French sauce, but it also means we will use virtually the whole pig with a minimum of waste and expense of energy for transportation (90 pork chops might require 12-15 pigs).

Nancy casually mentioned that we could even slaughter the pig as part of the wedding. I demurred, as you can imagine.


words and steel said...

1. my mouth is watering thinking about the awesome food you'll have at your wedding.

2. how do you put your posts under a cut? I haven't figured it out yet!

Michael Bruno said...

It's going to be delicious. You cannot go wrong with pork and cupcakes.

The hack for expandable posts is pretty easy if you understand a little html.

This guy explains it very well:

words and steel said...

thanks so much! super helpful, my posts are all cut now!

words and steel said...

ps- you should watch the Anthony Bourdain episode from this week, as it is a veritable pork-fest in Charleston. Make me miss sweet tea and BBQ...

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest you reconsider your decision not to include the slaughter as part of the festivities.