Thursday, March 13, 2008

Keeping Track of You

Because the Marriott did not make a block of rooms for us, we won't know who's staying there, unless you tell us!

If and when you make a Marriott reservation, please send us an email or post a comment here. This will help us with transportation (and after-party?) planning.

P.S. #1: Please let us know if you wish for us to find you a roommate to share the cost of your room.

P.S. #2: Please let us know if you are interested in arranging shared childcare.


Jessica B said...

I reserved our room at the Marriott last week! Cannot wait!!! We're staying Saturday through Monday.

Michael Bruno said...

Woohoo! Party @ da Marriott!

Anonymous said...

I booked us a room at the Marriott friday - sunday. Hey if you guys want to stop by Canada for your honeymoon we are having bob's 40th bash the weekend of Oct 24th! - Tellie

shvinsk said...

I reserved a room at the downtown Marriott. :)